• Image of Stamp of Strangeness

My first ever screen print taken from the first Dune novel by Frank Herbert.

4 screens on 140# Speckletone Kraft paper. Printed by VGKids usa.
sized 18" x 24"
Prints limited to 65 as the book was released in 1965.
(5 additional artist prints exist - never to be reprinted)

Prints are signed and numbered.
Shipping worldwide.
European orders will be dealt with by the artist. North America ordered prints to be shipped together and distributed by commissioner. Please be patient US orders.

Artist note: These are a collaboration project between the commissioner of the artwork and myself the artist. A photo will never do justice to the incredible quality of these prints. The relationship between the paper and inks used is beyond my expectations. I'm proud to have this project as my first screen print venture.
Dune had been sitting on my list of books to read for several years. Before details of the commission had been even been disgussed, I found myself in the bookshop.
I think I was just looking for an excuse to buy and read it.
I was hooked. I'm currently working my way through the rest of the saga.